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From the moment the son brought home his friend, a tall black male student, mother and son Honjo and Sakura were immediately haunted by this time. They were obsessed not because of his skin color or the terrible tattoos on his body, but because he had a huge penis. With their easy-going personality, mother and son quickly got to know and got along with him, but this also made him feel very at home, so many times he forgot their presence and went inside. The love of letting the lustful mother and son see his big penis made them silently admire the desire burning in their minds. It was a fateful morning, when she could not control her excitement after discovering that the male student had a large penis, the daughter rushed in and repeatedly demanded to "check" his penis. Although he refused, he realized that she was too persistent and enthusiastic, so he agreed. Immersed in pleasure, the mother suddenly returned, thinking she would scold them both, but no, seeing what she was seeing, she quickly fought over the black guy's goods with her daughter. me. Since that time, the lucky male student also came to his friend's house more and of course that meant that the secret love affairs between them also started to increase.

GVG-707 The story of the black guy's fate
GVG-707 The story of the black guy's fate
 Movie Code: GVG-707 
 Actor: Yuka Honjo 
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