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Ito often thought that her husband's absence from home was the most difficult day for her, but in reality it was completely the opposite, she experienced the most memorable memory of her life during the time she met her neighbor. next to the house. She and he started talking as soon as her husband went on a business trip for a few days. Due to her lack of affection, she always tries to flirt with her neighbor with obvious, sexy actions in order to be with him in a one-sided relationship. But she didn't expect that he was also an equally lustful person. Many times when she masturbated, he secretly watched without knowing anything. It wasn't until she knew that he also had feelings for her that she dared to take control. dynamic. They developed real feelings from here, as evidenced by the secret sex that happened voluntarily between the two of them.

GVG-400 Days when husband is away from home
GVG-400 Days when husband is away from home
 Movie Code: GVG-400 
 Actor: Mao Ito 
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